Maxfarad™ is a hi-tech energy storage device. Its a high capacity Super-capacitor which has the features of high density energy, high output and long life time characteristic.


Since the innovative compound technology, Nano surface structured Carbon with organic electrolyte, is applied to Maxfarad™ manufacturing, it enables 100 times higher electric energy storage than electrolysis condenser. Its almost everlasting and assure you hundreds of thousands of switching (charge/discharge) repeatability.


The application of Maxfarad™ is exclusive on battery-alternatives such as Power Vaccine System, Solar Cell System and the secondary battery auxiliaries.


Super-high capacity
100 times higher than Electrolytic Capacitor Higher performance characteristic
Higher performance characteristic
Max. 6.6kW/kg
Long life time
Over 100,000 times switching repeatability (maintains over 80% of the initial performance after 100,000 switching)
Wide operation temperature range
-25 ~ 70